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Aldo Novarese

Aldo Novarese

(June 29, 1920 – September 12, 1995)
He was an Italian typeface designer.

All-round artist, photographer, painter and illustrator, but his interest was manifested above all in the creation of typographic characters.

He was trained first at the School for printing artisans of Turin, from 1931 to 1933, and then at the Giuseppe Vigliardi-Paravia Typographical and Related Arts School of Turin, from 1933 to 1936, where he was a pupil of Alessandro Butti. It was precisely the latter, in 1938, then director of the artistic studio of the Characters Nebiolo Foundry in Turin, to call him as his collaborator.

For over forty years Novarese will link its name to that of the Nebiolo foundry. From 1952 he took over from Butti as director of the artistic studio, for which he created numerous successful characters.
He will work for Nebiolo until 1978, the year of the definitive closure of the foundry, now unable to adapt to the photocomposition revolution and the imminent diffusion of the information technologies applied to the creation of characters.

After completing his experience at Nebiolo, he continued his career as a freelance designer for the world’s major font producers. In these years he will work on a wide range of characters, among which we should mention the Novarese, character with thanks to the cancelleresco appeal, the Fenice, of great international success, the Symbol, and again the Mixage and the Delta, significant examples of the ability to Novarese to create linear characters, and finally Nadianne, a clear and decisive written font.

[…] In 1956 Novarese also proposed a classification that Daniele Baroni still considers the “most convincing classification, especially from a didactic point of view.” Novarese’s classification divides the characters into ten distinct families, divided according to the historical, aesthetic characterization and the design (especially the foot of the character).

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Originally released in 1968, Forma was the Italian type foundry Nebiolo’s answer to Helvetica. It was created by a team of eight designers, led by the legendary Aldo Novarese, that Nebiolo assembled to design a more mature and humane neo-grotesque. As a result, Forma’s rationality is tempered by its warmth, and its trademark single-story a sets it apart from the rest.

Issued in metal over a decade after Helvetica and Univers, Forma was relatively late to the neutral sans serif game. It never made the jump to phototypesetting and virtually disappeared after Nebiolo closed its doors in 1978.
The font was born at the culmination of an entire era of typography: an era when formal purity was the ultimate design achievement, when the spacing of headlines was outrageously tight, and when neutral neo-grotesque sans serifs were actually something fresh and exciting to read.
Font Forma